MARIO's PIZZERIA 223 Lake ave, Saratoga Springs carry-out, dine-in (518) 587-2545
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A few questions for you: Don't you hate it when you order a half pepperoni, half sausage pie and get charged for 2 toppings? so do we, so we don't do that at mario's. we believe in fairness, and we will never "nickel and dime you". isn't it annoying when you order food from somewhere and they treat you like they're doing you a favor? or they are rude? at mario's we appreciate your business, and having friendly, welcoming, accomodating service is our top priority. if you ever feel like our staff wasn't courteous and professional, we'd like to know about it! afraid to try one of our signature pies? don't worry, we'll never let you go hungry! Our specialties may be hard to pronounce, but they are delicious. if you try one and don't like it, we'll get you your favorite pizza, free of charge. are you tired of places saying their products are "homemade", and then you order them and they are definitely not? so are a family owned restaurant, we eat here too, and we are picky! we've tried all of the ready-made food products that many of the local pizza places use, and we don't like them. we make our own meatballs, eggplant and chicken parm, sauces, dough, italian dressing, garlic knots, wing sauce and more. we roast our red peppers ourselves (most places get them from a can, ew), and even grind hot peppers to make our special peperoncino. and our scampi sauce is not the "butter garlic" sauce that you get elsewhere; it's a scratch-made seafood sauce, our shrimp is full-sized!